by Baxter Black

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Hollywood made movies that portrayed the Code of the West,
And Roy Rogers and Trigger were surely two of the best.
They taught a generation how to tell right from wrong,
And they left ‘em a trail to follow, and did it all with a song.

Now, we praise the brilliant directors and the actors who drew in the crowd,
And all of the sidekicks and stunt men who made real cowboys proud.
I grant they all deserve credit for making the movies so good,
But let me tell ya…Hollywood didn’t make Trigger;
Trigger made Hollywood.

© Baxter Black

BAXTER BLACK is a cowboy poet and former large-animal veterinarian whose poetry and stories focus on the day-to-day ups and downs of people who live with livestock and work the land. For years he has traveled the USA and Canada, scattering his wit and cowboy mentality to folks looking for a bright spot in their day. With over one million books and audios sold, a weekly column, a weekly radio program and a weekly television program, Black has become the most recognized contemporary cowboy poet.